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 Upcoming 6 day intensive Fly Fishing School 

Filed under: General Comments,General Topics,School and Workshops  Rick at 12:48 pm on Thursday, February 5, 2015 

Here is some exciting news!  This year we will be offering a 6 Day Intensive Fly Fishing School along side of our yearly Fly Fishing Guide School.  We have learned over the last 5 years of doing the Guide School that not all of our participants were interested in learning to be a guide but actually just wanted to become better fly fishermen.  This year we decided to take that feedback and offer a school for those just interested in taking their fly fishing skills to the next level.  Some of the workshops when appropriate will have both groups working side by side.  These include casting workshops, knot tying and rigging, entomology and fly selection, and rowing a drift boat to name a few.  All of the other time the groups will be split to work on their specific emphasis.  We are really excited about this and we look forward to working with both groups this year.  Specific information will be posted on the website soon.  If you have questions now, feel free to call or email me. 

Rick McGuire- TFFO Guide School Director, rickemcguire@yahoo.com, 530-318-5694 

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The flow rate is 20 cfs. Not much going on here.

There isn't much fiahing going on here. You are better off going to another location to fish or stay home if there isn't a closer body of water. Good luck out there.                                                                     

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| Water Temp: 51-60 F | Clarity: Clear

The East is still running around 23 cfs right now. We've still been getting some decent reports from the river even though it's low. The key is to search out the deeper pools and slots where the fish will be hanging out. The water temps have cooled down significantly and the fish are plenty healthy to be caught and released. Dry dropper rigs have still been the most productive though we have had some good reports on streamers. Patterns to try include zuddlers, jj special, moal leech, flashback emerger, copper john, zebra midge, micro mayfly, san juan worm, chubby chernobyl, madam x and stimulator.  

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