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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 41-50 F

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F

Well Dogpatch fans what has started off as a promising winter weather wise here and for the rest of you left coasters has now morfed into another perhaps apocalyptic water supply year. No worries presently with all rivers happily flowing but the skinny snowpack that I look at every day ... especially lack of snow around the shack for the second straight year ...things are getting scarey. Hopefully Feb.- April brings love from the sky and from the Fish God.

Since my last post I have been putting some miles on the truck with visits to the Smith River (and Brookings), Big Sur (and Santa Cruz) and of course local rivers. Yes, it's not all about fishing, there are fewer things to enjoy such as pastries ... not that I am not a couple of donuts shy of 300 lbs. ... traveling for me is about the anticipation of what bakery gems towns may hold. Brookings has a sweet little hole in the wall off the radar place called West Coast Bakery and Santa Cruz, specifically Capitola, has Gayle's the Holy Grail of bakeries. I highly recommend both whether spending a day on or a day off the river.

Recent steelhead trips continue to be productive. We continue to have a great Klamath and Rogue River season. The swinging has dropped off a bit but nymphing continues to be very good. My pals at Wild Waters Fly Fishing continue to produce great days for their clients drifting Nor Cal/Southern Oregon rivers, check them out... www.wildwatersflyfishing.com.

The Upper Sac has been fair to good fishing. Flows continue to hang around 600 cfs so expect bigger water than normal. Heavily weighted nymphs are producing best with some BWO action on selected floats. See my list of recommended flies for best results.

Recommended Bugs .....


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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F

The holiday season has come and gone here in Dogpatch. The very wet weather in November-Decenber moved into dry, very cold then into mild and sunny. The Upper Sac is running at 750cfs which we have not seen at this time of year for some time. These flows are fishable but realize it is a different river ... no high sticking pocket water kinda stuff. It's more of a long line nymphing thing or swinging streamers. I have not been fishing it because of what I will get into next but suffice it to say it is definitely worth a go during mid day.

Now to the juicy stuff. The Klamath River system has been experiencing one of its best steelhead returns in years. I have been on it a fair bit over the last few weeks and enjoying the fun of getting into these beasts doing the bobber thing and swinging. Windows ... windows of opportunity is what we look for in steelheading and the window has been open over the last couple of weeks ... it's all about the proper flows. It looks like this period will continue for at least another week or so until the next wet period ( I hear it is out there). All my buddy's who are drifting the K report great days lately. The lads at Wild Waters Fly Fishing report some crazy number days on their drift trips and even Bob Grace here at the shop got into the action the other day as you can see on a float he and I did with our pal Allan Blankenship. I also had Billy and Brad out experiencing their first go at steelheading and their smiles show the steelhead love. Now is the time to get out and play with these elusive beasts. Remember we can assist you with any needs you may have here at the shop chasing steelhead.