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Fishing Report Provided by Frying Pan Anglers - Art Rowell
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Fishing Report
April 21, 2014
Current Flow: near Emma - 638cfs The Fork continues to push higher as the warmer weather persists. It is 150cfs higher this week than last and the flows are coloring up. It will need a few cool days at lower levels to clear. As it rises and covers ground that hasn't been covered for 7 months there is a lot of material to be washed away to clear the banks and bottom so keep your eye on the flows and be prepared to head for the Pan. Recommended Flies: The best results on the Fork now are from nymphing. Use either attractor patterns down deep. Alternatively stoneflies with eggs or baetis. Try small baetis such as the FPA Sparkle Baetis, the FPA Thorax Emerger, and black pheasant tails have also worked well. For emergers, the rs2 in black or gray. Also the sparkle wing rs2. For small flies, copper johns, pc phlash, mercury rs2's, pheasant tails, bubble back bwos.
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