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Fishing Report Provided by - Charles Gray
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| Water Temp:61-70 F | Clarity: Stained
Fish Caught | Lunker: using a
Fishing Report
October 19, 2014

Bass have begun thier transitions to winter spots. Best fish taken out of 15my to 20you ft. Crawfish looking lures worked best over shad type baits. Bait fish very plentiful.

Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1Largemouth BassCrawfish
2Smallmouth BassBass Jig
3Spotted BassCrankbait
Fishing Report Provided by Fishing Alabama Reeds Guide Service - Reed Montomery
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| Water Temp:81-90 F | Clarity: Clear
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Fishing Report
July 6, 2014

Summer Bass Fishing Alabama's Pickwick Lake
By Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service
Website www.fishingalabama.com

The Fourth of July weekend signals mid summer in Alabama. Not much really changes (except it gets hotter!), for this month, not as far as the weather goes, including sweltering days in August and early September as well, as air temperatures can be 90 degrees one day and over 100 degrees the next day. With air temps currently in the low 90's and water temps in the mid to upper 80's, some bass anglers have resorted to fishing when its cooler, after the sun goes down.

But for some anglers with varied scedules "daytime bass fishing" on Pickwick Lake in North Alabama is their only choice!

Getting on the lake early and fishing at dawn is your best chance for connecting with a really big, summertime largemouth bass or smallmouth bass. Using a topwater lure is highly suggested for the early portion of your day. Many lures, fished in many ways fall in this catagory. My three choices would be a Heddon zara super spook, a noisy clacker-type buzz bait and a hollow bodied frog.

As the sun gets higher, it gets hotter and the bass fishing always slows down during this midday lull. Still, both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass can be fooled with lures like Rapala's X-rap (or any suspending type jerk bait), shallow to deep diving crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatter baits, swim baits, A-rigs and many lures fished on or near the lakes bottom in mid depths to deeper water.

Big, oversized Texas-rigged worms and lizards, heavy football head jig combos, Carolina rigs and jigging spoons all fool Pickwick Lake's bass during this entire summer season! You can fish the lake headwaters below Wilson Lake dam, mid lake ledges, rock bluffs and drop offs or fish around islands, the mouths of feeder creeks and along main lake flats and deeper drop-offs on the deeper and much clearer water found on the lower lake.

Or you can always call on Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504 Website: www.fishingalabama.com Bass fishing year round for Pickwick lake and other Alabama lakes!
Thanks and Good Fishin' this summer! Reed Montgomery Owner of Reeds Guide Service...for over 40 years!

Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1Largemouth BassTopwaterHeddon Lures5
2Smallmouth BassJerk BaitRapala4
3Largemouth BassCrankbaitBandit Lures3

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