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Fishing Reports

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Muskegon: Has less ice on the pier and along the shoreline. Pier anglers are catching steelhead and brown trout on spawn. Boat anglers are trolling the basin and out into Lake Michigan.

Muskegon Lake: The boat launches around the lake are open.

Muskegon River: Steelhead are being caught and the fishing should only get better. There should be some fresh fish moving into the system by the weekend. 

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Southwest Lower Peninsula Fishing Report

The lakes in Southwest Michigan had open water. Any ice out there would not be safe. Thanks to the rain and above normal temperatures, it is going to be a while before anglers here are ice fishing.

St. Joseph River: Has steelhead in the system but the numbers are slightly below average. The better fishing is usually below Berrien Springs. Try spawn, wax worms or plugs.

Kalamazoo River: Is still producing some steelhead. Like the St. Joseph, the number of fish is slightly below average this year. The better fishing this time of year is usually below the Allegan Dam.

Grand River near Grand Rapids: Is still producing some steelhead. A few were caught off the wall at the Post Office when using a white jig tipped with a wax worm. Near Fulton Street, anglers were back bouncing with spawn bags. The occasional walleye was caught on bucktail jigs and white twister tails.

Grand River near Lansing: Was still producing some pike and walleye for those fishing below the dams. Shiners seem to work better than sucker minnows. No steelhead to report in Lansing however fish were caught near Portland. Try spawn, beads and small spinners.

Muskegon River: Recent rain should not affect the river too much. Anglers are still catching some steelhead and brown trout. Many are drifting streamers, plugs, small spinners or spoons. Blue and silver were a good color.

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