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Fishing Report
April 24, 2014
Lower Hat: Water level is good. It’s typical for mid-June. Water levels here don’t change much. Water is running clear. DFW will plant this week. Campgrounds should be open by Wednesday. Brood stock fish will be stocked. Should be pretty good. Upper Hat: River conditions look awesome. Best mayfly hatches are late morning through 3:00 PM. Small #18 PMDs, some baetis which is basically a #18-20 green bodied mayfly. It's early spring on Hat Creek, but the sunny, warm weather we are experiencing should do wonders for the insect hatches. Get on this river early and then again late if you want to find the biggest fish. The fish here are haters of the sun. Rim Rock Ranch (530) 335-7114; The Fly Shop (530) 222-3555
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