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The last 2 weeks have brought us some very very cold weather. Most every night has been below zero and most of the river system has ice. At this time outdoor activities are not very pleasant.


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601 CFS and water temperature of 58 degrees.

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The waters are warming nicely and the Trout are now active. At this time anglers can take trout on streamers, nymphs and dry flies! Last night some heavy thunderstorms moved through the region. The thunderstorms did not do much to river flows but you may find some minor localized turbidity. This turbidity will only be in areas with unstable banks and areas where construction work is ongoing.
The Hendricksons are now on all waters and the Trout are feeding well whenever the wind is down. The Apple Caddis are emerging heavily everywhere and the hatch is very heavy at this time. We can expect these prolific insects to be about for about a week or so.
Yesterday the Trout were eating the Apple caddis very well.
Throughout the system the Hendrickson hatch is on! How well you will fair depends on water conditions and the wind. Over the last few days we have been able to fish the dry fly all day long.
The best period for surface feeding is still from 2:30 until 5:00pm. This is when the main emergence has been occurring. Most of the boat and wade anglers are heading off the water as soon as this action concludes. I have been keeping my guests out until dark and it has been paying off every day. There is good spinner activity every night and there are fish up until dark if you keep looking for them. Yesterday we had great fishing with our hackle wing spinners.

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