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Fishing Report Provided by - Chad Whiting
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Fishing Report
May 30, 2014
They have been catching walleye in the bay around Crow Butte for a couple weeks, we got some nice walleyes up to 18" but we got blown off the water for 2 days. Most were caught on worm harness with silver of chartreuse blades in 12 to 18 foot of water. Did pull Crankbaits and picked up a 14" on a Backstabber Lures crank I really do like that 2nd treble hook on the top (it's back) to help keep the weeds from fouling up the crank. Next trip might try to target the perch lots of little ones but did get 3 nice ones.
Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1WalleyeLive Worm18
2WalleyeCrankbaitBackstabber Lures14
3Yellow PerchLive Worm12

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