Top 100 Bass Waters


Fishing is the fourth most popular participatory sport in the United States.  More Americans fish than play golf and tennis combined. So, what species of fish do anglers in this country like to target the most?  Well, when it comes to freshwater fishermen, the answer is clear: black bass (Micropterus), the genus that includes both largemouth and smallmouth. According to the American Sportfishing Association, one out of every three anglers in the U.S. fishes for largemouth bass, making it the most sought-after game fish in the country.  It’s not difficult to understand why anglers love fishing for bass.  They’re great fighters, they can be caught on a variety of baits and lures, and they inhabit a huge number of lakes and rivers across the nation.


Some of these bodies of water are known to produce more and bigger fish than others, however. We recently conferred with noted outdoor writer Mike Pehanic, expert bass anglers, tournament organizations, veteran outdoor writers and other top fishing authorities to create a comprehensive list of the 100 top bass waters. Focus your efforts on these honey holes and you’ll stand a good chance of landing some quality bass, perhaps a trophy-sized fish, or if you’re really lucky, even a place in the record books.


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