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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

Good morning, Rim Country anglers,

The monsoons have slowed resulting in lower input flows into Roosevelt Lake. So predictably, the water level began to fall again and currently, Roosevelt Lake is at 42-percent full.  The Tonto Creek is not flowing and the Salt River is flowing at 130 percent of its normal rate for this time of year.

The water in the lake is very clear and the water temperatures are reaching the high 80s during the afternoons. 
The bass are in a summer pattern meaning they will typically be in deeper water and can be challenging to catch.

Some bass will suspend in deeper water and just will not react to anything. Bass anglers are reporting good numbers of 12-14-inch bass being caught using a dropshot or Texas-rigged worm imitation bait. Reports also indicate a sporadic reaction and top-water bite.

Mostly this is a morning bite or late afternoon, so always keep your favorite reaction bait on a rod and ready to cast. One bait that has recently been successful is a Skinny Dipper in a Money Shot Violet color, made by Reaction Innovations. This 5-inch bait rigged weightless, on an extra wide gap size 5 hook, can be deadly. The technique for this paddletail bait is to cast it as far as you can, let it sink for 10 seconds, and begin a slow retrieve, pausing about every five turns.

The crappie bite was called good this past week.  Crappie anglers reported 20-25 crappie being caught from just before dark until around 11 p.m.. We are moving into a new moon phase, making crappie lights effective in attracting baitfish and crappie to your location. The new green color crappie lights are becoming popular, so be sure to check those out.

I didn't think that trout fishing reports on our Rim Lakes and streams could get any better but they just did. Not because the fishing changed, but the schools are now back in session and the number of anglers fishing during the week has declined dramatically. So now you add solitude to your weekdays of fishing your favorite stream or lake. Successful baits reported were PowerBaits, and dry flies. 

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Have a great week of fishing next week and I hope see you on the water. 

Average: 3 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

The water level at Roosevelt Lake remained at 43 percent full this past week due to the monsoon activity we had last week. The Tonto Creek is not flowing and the Salt River is flowing at 150%percent. Every bit of monsoon water we can get is a good thing for Roosevelt Lake. Typically, 43 percent full at this time of year is about average for the lake level.

The bass are in a summer pattern meaning they will typically be in deeper water and near structure or cover.

Experienced anglers are reporting Texas rig plastic worms, spider jigs and Carolina rig using worms or lizards continue to be the most successful techniques. Reports indicate that anglers are fishing in the 20-30-foot range both during the day and at night. The full moon we recently had and the perfect night time weather conditions, are making for great opportunities for night time fishing. Many anglers prefer to use green colored baits during the day and at night they switch to darker colored baits such as blacks, browns or blues.

The crappie bite was called fair to good this past week. Crappie anglers reported a better night time bite especially with the full moon phase. Recent hotspots include the steep cliff side of Salomé Cove and the marina area near the tires. Night time crappie fishing usually requires live minnow bait. 

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

The water level at Roosevelt Lake currently stands at 43-percent full which is very close the level for this time of year, over the past two years. The Tonto Creek is not flowing into the lake and the Salt River is flowing at about 175% of its normal rate for this time of year although, the flow is only about 200 CFPS.

The water temperature is in the mid to high 80s and the clarity of the water is crystal clear. Summer fishing reports have been called fair to good and sporadic at times. Anglers are reporting catching several fish during the first couple of hours, then things stop for an hour before becoming active again. More action is being reported in the morning when bass will chase bait into shallow water. If you see one of these boils of bait, its best to cast your bait beyond the boil and retrieve through it. Typically, these bass will react to baits such as a Zoom Super Fluke, a Spider Bait or a lipless crank-bait. Other typical summertime baits are jigs, worms and lizard imitation baits.

Bass fishing after dark is getting better and several local tournaments have switched over to night tournaments this month to avoid the extreme heat of the day. Baits used for night time bass fishing are generally larger and darker colored baits than would be used during the day.

Floating crappie lights have improved night time crappie fishing so much so that we'll call it good. It's been a while since we've called crappie fishing good on Roosevelt Lake. Crappie typically are in schools this time of year, and in 25-35 feet of water. A live minnow is always the best bait for night time crappie fishing. If you're fishing for crappie during the day, a 2-inch curly tail grub on a 1/16-ounce jighead will allow the bait to slowly fall into the brush holding crappie.

If you're a catfish angler, this is your time. Some nice reports are being received from anglers that spend a few hours each night at the lake. One reported catfish weighed three pounds and several were in the two pound range. PowerBaits, hot-dogs and corn can be successful catfish baits during the summer months.

Lots of visitors continue to come to Rim Country each weekend to get out of the heat. These families are enjoying some great trout fishing experiences our Rim Country has to offer. The AZGFD summer trout stocking program continues to release perfect sized rainbow trout into many of our lakes and streams. Successful baits being used include powerbait, salmon eggs and dry flies. You can check out the stocking of your favorite lake or stream via the portal website at AZGFD.gov.