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Fishing Report
July 16, 2014

Sunday morning July 5th- Used the backdrop of the dark waters of the Suwanee River to the clear water of the Mouth's of Springs to drop Texas Rigged Berkley Finesse Worms. Pitching towards the banks and slow retrieve off the sandy bottom. Crusing bass chasing bait fish into the clear mouths were hitting all day. The Largmouth's out of the River give a great fight and have a beautiful dark shade to them. A beautiful fish to catch. Using the bright sunshine with and the backdrop of the dark waters gives larger bass great ambush positions into the clear water...pitching the edge of these mouths were very successful.

Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1Largemouth BassRubber WormBerkley2
2Largemouth BassRubber WormBerkley3
3Largemouth BassRubber WormBerkley3
4Largemouth BassRubber WormBerkley3
5Largemouth BassRubber WormBerkley2

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