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Fishing Reports

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Clinton / West Lycoming Counties

Water flows are high on Pine Creek and the W. Branch Susquehanna River. Nightcrawlers would be a good choice for anglers trying to fish the high and murky waters.

Cameron County

It is prime time for catching bass in the Sinnamahoning Creek!  Crabs are going to softshell right now, and bass are going crazy for them.  Pick them off the bottom, clip the pinchers off of them, and get out there and catch some bass!  Good Luck!

Northern Columbia and Luzerne Counties

Area waterways have been pretty vacant lately.  Water levels in the Susquehanna River have been all over the place and clarity has been less than optimal as well.  This didn't stop several fishermen from picking up a couple of keeper smallmouth and walleye in the Falls to Appletree area though.  Soft plastics and surface lures have been the hot ticket lately.  Anglers participating in the rain-soaked tournament that launched out of Union Access sponsored by the Nanticoke Sportsmen picked up a few nice bass as well.  Everywhere else fishing has slowed way down.

Boaters are reminded that alcohol and operating a boat do not mix.  Patrols will increase along area waters as the summer heats up and our officers have one goal, to keep everyone safe on the water this summer season.

Average: 3 (1 vote)
Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 61-70 F

Despite high water on the Susquehanna River, anglers are catching bass using a variety of crankbaits.  With more rain in the forecast make sure to be careful and respect the power of the water.

Current water flows for the river and many other streams can be found here: http://waterdata.usgs.gov/pa/nwis/rt.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 51-60 F

Carbon County

Little to no fishing activity has been occurring on approved trout waters in the district. A number of the streams are ice covered.  A few anglers fishing the Pohopoco Creek downstream of the outlet of Beltzville Lake have reported catching trout.

During the weekend, ice anglers at Mauch Chunk Lake were observed catching perch measuring between 13” – 14”.  Pickerel action was also good with a few observed being caught measuring from 22” – 23.”    Ice anglers also reported catching bass, but most were below the minimum size of 15.”  Panfish action was slow at the lake.  Live minnow, wax worms and butter worms appeared to be the best choice of baits.  Most fishing action was occurring off boat launch B. 

Ice fishing action was a little slower at Beltzville Lake.  Ice anglers reported catching a few bass, pickerel including panfish in the upper reaches of Preachers Camp access area.

Both ice anglers and non–ice anglers alike are reminded that ice conditions on most Commonwealth waters are not monitored.  Before venturing out onto the ice, drill or spud a sample hole and measure the ice as you move out from the shore.  Stay alert for differences in ice thickness and appearances as you move.  Never go out on the ice that’s less than four inches.  Avoid areas where there are feeder streams and springs including dark, honeycombed or porous ice.  Wear a life jacket or carry a personal flotation Type IV seat cushion including rope in case of an emergency.  Always take a partner and let others know exactly where you are going and when you will return.  Know how to dress for cold weather.   Wear insulated waterproof boots, ice cleats, and a pair of thick wool or non-cotton socks including waterproof gloves.  Wear handheld ice picks or spiked devices in the event of breaking through the ice, and you’re able to pull yourself out.
Lackawanna County

The recent cold snap has created some good ice conditions across the county.  At Lackawanna Lake the panfish have been biting all week.  Anglers have been doing well in the area of the swimming pool.  Some of the private ponds above the state park have been producing some nice perch and largemouth bass.  Early ice seems to always produce the best fishing opportunities.

N. Susquehanna / E. Bradford Counties

Many anglers are taking advantage of the hard water in Susquehanna County resulting in some nice fish. Most anglers have been using wax worms or minnows. An interesting trend has been that most anglers either have a Senior Lifetime License or a Multi-Year License. The convenience of not having to run out to get a new license, when the year changes, is good reason for someone to consider that Multi-Year License.
Wyoming County

Ice fishermen have been active since the lakes have frozen.  There have been ice anglers on virtually every public lake in the area, as well as many fishing smaller farm ponds and semi-private lakes.  The most fish being caught are in the ponds in Southwest Susquehanna County.  Successful anglers have been catching perch on minnows and wax worms.

Western Bradford & Sullivan County

Ice anglers fishing the North Branch of the Susquehanna River are having great success targeting walleye using minnows.  Ice anglers on ponds and other impoundments are producing steady panfish with mealworms and wax worms on small jigs.

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