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Fishing Report Provided by NY Fishtales Inc - Captain John Wisgo
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Fishing Report
April 9, 2015

With a river filled with slush this morning we decided to wait it out and hit the river around noontime and it was the correct move. Andrew and his dad had a great afternoon of fishing. The biggest fish of the day was the last one landed, 18lbs. This male steelhead put up an awesome fight and after taking a quick picture he was released to fight another day. Mostly males today, only 2 hens, one which was spawned out. All fish came on egg sacs once again.

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Fishing Report Provided by - Randy Jones
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Fishing Report
January 28, 2015

Presently on the Salmon River Pulaski NY we are seeing Steelhead that are 50% darker - older and 50% bright - fresh.
Suggest Mid. to Lower River for the fresh ones and upper river for all the Steelhead that normally have a P.H.D. in what's reeeeel or not ;)
A good # of fresh Steelhead are holding Mid. to Lower River and some of these are making their way up river. Next high water period will cause more of these to push up river as well as more fresh steelhead to enter and run the river. Ye-Haaa!
This will continue all Winter into the Spring.
We also have a good number of steelhead in the upper river. ALL Prime Winter Habitat's are producing, so we have steelhead top to bottom of the river.
We are seeing healthy steelhead with no lice. Ye-Haaa!

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The Spring (Mid. March till Late April) Steelhead dropback season is fast approaching.
May all your door knobs smell of "BIG" Steelhead!

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