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Hi Everybody!! I probably sound like a broken record right now, LOL, but boy are we having some fun this summer!! The fantastic summer fishing continues! We are doing short morning trips this time of year to beat the heat and also avoid the afternoon showers! The fish have continued to cooperate happily and often!! We are still averaging 20-35 fish per trip, and in the last week the bigger fish have started to show up again!! For anyone interested I have a few days open as of now in mid-August. If anyone would like to get out for a few hours, please let me know! Now on to some exciting news!! They have decided to start the drawdown early this year!!!! Instead of starting in mid-November or early December, they are going to start dropping it (conditions permitting) October 1st!!!!!!!!!! So that means there will be an extended drawdown this time around! Instead of being down 2 months, it will be down 3 to 3-1/2 months!!!! For you guys that fished with me last drawdown you know what this means…..INSANELY GOOD FISHING!!!!!! I’m super excited for the upcoming season!!!! So much so that I added a second boat! As they are dropping the water and then raising it back up, sometimes the boat ramps are hard to access due to the fluctuating water levels! So to assure myself and my customers are able to get out there for the whole drawdown, I purchased a 2015 Sea Ark Mud Runner 180 Mud Boat!!!! These are the boats you see on shows like Duck Dynasty, etc. that can go ANYWHERE!!!!They literally can run in virtually no water! And if I can get the wheels of the trailer in the water, I can get her off the trailer and take off! This will also open up areas that we can access during the drawdown that will be impossible for the average angler to get to!!!! So we now have two boating options for my customers!!!! Super excited about the possibilities!!!!!!!!!

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WOW!!!! Is the word that comes to mind! Guys if it already wasn’t enough that this has been one of the best big bass years I have ever experienced, then I have to admit that I am now completely floored by the fishing that is going on right now!!!! Please check out my FaceBook page at www.facebook.com/trophybass Not only is it nearly every day that we are boating some real HAWG bass, but a lot of the days it’s multiple big fish!!!! The local lakes are in absolutely beautiful condition, as of the time of this email, the water is starting to clear and the fish are absolutely hammering it!!!! And not just any fish! Giant HAWG bass!!!! I just had a customer named Steve Warren boat TWO 10lb plus bass in one day!!!! The trips right now are averaging 20-40 per day on top of the PIG bass!!!! You want to get out early and wrap your day up probably by noon to beat the heat, but MAN are we in heaven right now!!!! For anyone looking to get in on this phenomenal fishing I have some days available in early July left open still!!!! 

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Weather: Partly Sunny Air Temperature: 71-80 F Water Temp: 61-70 F Clarity: Stained
1 fish caught | Lunker: 2lb Bluegill using a Crankbait

I hadn't fished Rodman for a few months so I figures I would give it a try. What a mistake. Launched out of Kenwood which was nice and clear. No vegetation. Drifted across the canal into the stumps with no issues. Wind was out of the NE so it was an easy drift. Made it to the south shore line when I decided to work my way back. Picked up the biggest Bluegill I ever caught. Then the problems. I got hung up on stump after stump. The water had just enough chop to make visibility bad and being it is down about 4 or 5 feet it sucked. I ended up breaking my TM prop and shear pin and at times thought I would never get back in the canal. Finally did after having to power off numerous times with my outboard. Didn't like taking a chance of tearing that up. Motored up the channel to the barge canal. BIG stumps sticking out of the water in the canal. Fished the BC for a few hours with no luck. With as much boat traffic Rodman gets I can't believe the state doesn't at least attempt to remove the big stumps from the main canal. Very dangerous!

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