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Fishing Report Provided by - Eric Ehn
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Fishing Report
February 21, 2015

Hit Pueblo on January 7th.  Water temp was 38 degrees and fish were findable on graph, but not catchable.  A cold snap rolled through after a series of warm days, and pushed the fish deep.  Normal fish depth on Pueblo is around 35 feet and shallower, but today fish were in 70-80 ft deep.  Shad were scattered and not balled up like one would hope for.  Most fish are caught on jigging spoons and deep drop shot this time of year, and even a few can be taken on craw colored crankbaits (wiggle warts are my favorite), but nothing was working today.  Look for the majority of shad and fish to be found on deep points and main river channel swings.  It will take a series of 5 days of a warming trend before the fish begin to move up the points some.  Lookfor the warmest water in creeks on the north side and work your way from the main river ledge back to the points then into the creeks.  Good luck as fishing tends to be slow until the end of March and really turns on in April.



Denali Rods/Ardent Reels/Six2midnight Fishing Team/A and M baits

Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1Largemouth BassBunker SpoonDenali Rods
2Smallmouth BassRubber WormArdent
3Spotted BassBlade BaitSeaguar
Fishing Report Provided by Colorado Division of Wildlife - Colorado Division of Wildlife
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Fishing Report
October 17, 2014

The water temperature on the lake is starting to drop, which has had an impact on fishing. Fisherman are still having limited success for wiper and catfish using worms on the bottomon the westend at the mouthof Turkey Creek. As for the Arkansas Tailwater below Pueblo Dam fishing is picking up. The current flow is 301 CFS and the water is approx 66 degrees at the dam. Fisherman can expect the best success when the river is running below 200 CFS.

Catch Report

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