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Greenup Dam (Scioto County) – Hybrid striped bass: Try fishing cut baits and live baits off the bottom. White bass: Try using top-water lures as well as skipjack, chubs, shiners, and cut bait. Early morning will probably produce the most catches. Channel catfish: Most fish will probably be found on the bottom using tight-lining techniques with cut bait, night crawlers, and chicken livers. Fishing throughout the night and in the early morning hours before daybreak may be the most successful. Flathead catfish: Goldfish are popular bait.
Meldahl Dam (Clermont County) – Channel catfish: are being taken in good numbers all along the river. Try chicken livers, shrimp, or night crawlers fished on the bottom. Hybrid striped bass: Try fishing cut baits and live baits on the bottom. White bass: Try using skipjack or cut bait.

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| Clarity: Muddy

The River is up and flowing very fast with a strong current. We've had alot of rain lately, Some creeks might benefit from this, but most are still up farther than normal and super muddy.

Fished for a few hours and didnt get a bite. Tried bait on bottom for catfish, even through some plastics to see if i could catch a white bass or anything!

But its not the best to go probably over the next few days as the water recedes some.

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1 fish caught | Lunker: 24lb Striped Catfish using a Chicken Liver

liver works great on bottom

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Striped CatfishChicken Liver2430

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