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East - Bigger walleyes are being caught suspended 5 to 8 feet off bottom on the deeper mud and gravel areas. The 28- to 32- foot areas off most mud flats continue to produce perch, but some sorting of small fish is involved with jumbos in the mix. Sucker minnows continue to produce northern pike in most bays over 12 to 15 feet. 

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East - The early morning and evening hours have been best for walleyes on the mud flats, gravel, and deep rocks in 20 to 26 feet. The 25- to 32-foot mud areas have been kicking out perch and tullibees as well. Look for northern pike in 10 to 14 feet throughout Isle, Cove, and Wahkon bays. 

Johnson’s Portside (320) 676-3811

West - Work the mud flats for walleyes during the day in 28 to 32 feet of water or during low-light periods of the day in 22 to 26 feet of water. The 26- to 28-foot rocks are producing walleyes as well. You’ll find perch on the mud flats in 28 to 30 feet and suspended tullibees over 30 feet of water or more on the Seven Mile, Eight Mile, and Seguchie flats. 

Terry’s Boat Harbor (320) 692-4430

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