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34° 24' 36" N, 80° 47' 60" W
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Weather: Showers Air Temperature: 51-60 F Water Temp: 51-60 F Clarity: Murky

Bass bite was horrible didn't get a bite with frogs, chadder baits , senkos and worms.cant figure out the pattern especially without a boat.can somebody help me out I mainly an fishing coves with weeds and muddy bottom.i can't find any cover or hard bottoms only weeds.

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Weather: Sunny Air Temperature: 81-90 F

Crappie: Fair to good. Go to deep brush piles around 18-25 feet. Also try jigging flat on the bottom near brush, but not necessarily in. It's reported that creels are small, but the fish are of quality. The fish are all over the lake, but as temps change you can expect them to move to shallower brush on the main lake. There is still some good fishing in deep areas. 

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I'm confused by the prime feeding time for Sept. 27, 2015. It shows major and minor at 00:00 both times of day. I'll have to assume it means midnight and noon time? Any thoughts? Since I have to use two hundred characters to post let me tell you a story. Two years ago in January on the Catawba off Highway 9 landing I tried to set the hook so hard I flipped out of the boat! Water temp was freezing! I was in full winter clothes and barely able to pull myself back in the 14' v-hull boat. Dropped my baitcaster rig to the bottom that day. One week later I went back to that spot with a home made rake and dragged the bottom. Found my baitcaster! Happy day!