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Fishing Report Provided by - Cody Salzmann
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| Water Temp:51-60 F | Clarity: Murky
Fish Caught | Lunker: using a
Fishing Report
April 13, 2014
Knocked the snot out of the crappies on 4/11/14. My buddy and I caught 80+ using southern pro baits crappie tubes underneath a bobber in 4-8 fow. Just a blast. We both limited and he had a bonus 14.5 incher. The bite is just getting good and is going to continue as the crpapie are coming up to spawn. Can't wait to limit almost every day. Get on out to Shelbyville for some fast action crappies.
Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1Black CrappieTube111

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