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June 18 report from Warren Risberg of www.reeleminadventures.com:

“Another great fishing trip at Lake Pleasant arriving at 5 p.m. with the water temp 83 :)  Started off directly across the 4-lane ramp on the other side and as I took a swim from shore the shad boils immediately started popping right in front of me.  Using my white color swim bait and first cast of the day, I landed a 4-pound, 3-ounce largemouth bass and a few 2- and 3-pound striper bass!
As I headed into night fishing the water temp held at 80.5 degrees for the remainder of the evening, catching stripers non-stop in the 2-, 3- and 4-pound range in 46-50 feet of water.  Cut anchovies is the ticket with a 1/0 size hook and 1 pss-3 split shot about 18 inches from the hook.  Right now and into our summer months is the time to get out to the lake to catch these fish as it’s so easy at night with your underwater green light in full swing with an abundance of minnows and shad below your boat!
Good Luck & Tight lines :)

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With hot days, it’s a great time to fish the night for stripers at Pleasant. Coming off a new moon, and heading into a first quarter moon, submersible lights will be effective. Anchovies and small swimbaits are a couple baits that have been effective. Try trolling some of the northern coves with small swim baits for schooling stripers, and anchoring up, chumming and baiting with anchovies for larger stripers. Don’t forget the Colorado River for stripers.

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| Water Temp: 51-60 F | Clarity: Clear
2 fish caught | Lunker: 4lb Largemouth Bass using a Rubber Worm

Good day on the lake, not a lot of fish, but did catch a few nice ones.  Work a worm on a texas rig for the bites.  Saw more fish cruzing around but couldnt get them to bite,  Water was very clear making it hard to get close.  A day on the lake with the kid is always great!!

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Largemouth BassRubber Worm4
2Largemouth BassRubber Worm2

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