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  • Largemouth Bass: Fair. Fishing can be a little tough during the day on Lake Greenwood, but in the morning there is a pretty decent bite. A good pattern is to run the banks first thing in the morning with a Pop-R or a floating worm and look for bass which are keying on bream beds. Main lake pockets, creek pockets and sea walls are good places to try early. Later in the day fish are moving deep, and the best pattern is to fish big worms and crankbaits around deep points – especially ones with cover. There is also some topwater schooling activity where fish are coming up over deep points and humps. The fish are often around brushpiles and moving up to take bait, and casting topwater plugs such as walking baits is a good way to target them.
Average: 3 (1 vote)
| Water Temp: 81-90 F | Clarity: Stained
3 fish caught

Early saturday morning were about the only bites i had. shad were popping and flickering by schooling bass. caught a couple on a topwater toad. caught one on a crankbait while they were schooling and then a couple on a spot remover on main lake docks in about 10' of water. the early bite didn't produce the way i was hoping it would. when they were feeding on the schools of shad i just couldn't get a bite minus the one on a crankbait. as the sun came up i moved out to the main lake and fished deeper docks by the channel and picked up a couple on a spot remover.

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Largemouth BassFrog
2Largemouth BassCrankbait
3Largemouth BassRubber Worm
Average: 3 (1 vote)
| Water Temp: 71-80 F | Clarity: Murky
2 fish caught

Lake Greenwood was a little disappointing today. At first light the fish were busting on top. Tried running several baits through the schools. Turned out to be white bass and caught a few on a 1/4 lipless crank. Fished docks and main lake points and had some success on squarebills and shallow cranks. Caught a few largemouth and to my surprise a couple of spotted bass. I didn't know Greenwood had them but I can assure you they are in there. Water clarity was overall pretty bad in the upper half. Down past the second railroad trussle it cleared up a little bit. Water started in the low to mid 70's and climbed to 80 by the time I left.

CatchSpeciesLure / BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (in)
1Largemouth BassCrankbait
2Spotted BassCrankbait

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