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Fishing Report Provided by SDFISH.COM - Kellen
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Fishing Report
October 31, 2014





    • Fishing info:Lake Cuyamaca
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    • Phone:760-765-0515

    Cooler weather has brought down the temperatures along with higher dissolved oxygen content in the water has made the pond a barrel full of recently planted Mt.Lassen trout along with the warm water fish that are still biting. Mt.Lassen Fish Hatchery has not disappointed the anglers.

    Casey Nelson of Desert Hot Springs caught a 21 pound catfish using hot dogs with cheese below campsite #58 along the shore; Kevin Okesson (a frequent flyer from Ramona) brought in a 28 pound stringer of Mt. Lassen beauties including an 8 pounder, a 5 pounder, and 2-3 pounders using a mini-jig and night crawlers on the dike; Cheryl Brundstrom of Valley Center reeled in a 6 pound 12 ounce "bow" with her limit at Lone Pine using power bait and night crawlers; Mike Tevlin of Lemon Grove snagged a 4 pound 12 ounce rainbow along the dike using power bait; Mark Hedderson of La Mesa caught only two fish, but one of the trout was 6 pounds and 12 ounces....the other was 5 pounds 8ounces while float tubing along the shore at Lone Pine using a "Spruce-a-bu" dry fly; Neal Hughs of Rancho Cucamonga reeled in a 5 pounder, a 4 pounder, and a 3 pounder ; Lewis Berbussi Jr. of El Cajon caught his limit nabbed a stringer that weighed 21 pounds 12 ounces with the largest trout coming in at 7 pounds using power bait; Trevor Finn of Santee included a 6 pound 8 ounce bow with his limit at Lone Pine using yellow power bait; Lieng Thomas of Santee brought in a 5 pound 11 ounce rainbow using green power bait also at Lone Pine; Louis Villa of Whittier, Ca. included a 7 pounder in his stringer using pink power bait worms with white heads at Lone Pine; Brayden Helfand of San Marcos reeled in a 7 pounder using night crawlers at the small cove to the left of the boat launch;

    Jeff Sutton caught a 25 pound white sturgeon using night crawlers at Lone Pine and released it back into the pond as it was just a couple inches short of being legal...no card was filled out; Jason Hyman of Huntington Beach included a 6 pounder in his limit at Lone Pine using "red fire bait"; and Joe Martinez of Chula Vista hooked up with a 21 pound sturgeon using night crawlers at the wooden dock below "Chambers Park".

    The days are getting shorter, "daylight savings" is just around the corner...sometime around November 2nd. We have a waxing moon, the eagles are out, and Jay Blaylock just sighted an Osprey plucking a trout out of the Lake...they're back, my favorite bird of prey. Charlie Taylor is leaving us to take on other challenges. Charlie has been a great employee and a good friend of the Lake for 12 years. He says he will be back to help with some of the functions...like waterfowl hunting. Charlie and Jay pretty much ran it by themselves. "Happy Trails" Charlie. We hope to see you soon in the future. You are always welcome at our campfire.


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    Fishing Report Provided by ONS - Fishhound Pro Staff (Outdoor News Service) - Jim Matthews
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    Fishing Report
    October 30, 2014

    No report. Information: 760-765-0515 or www.lakecuyamaca.org.

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