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Fishing Report Provided by - Robert Bordeaux
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| Water Temp:61-70 F | Clarity: Stained
Fish Caught | Lunker: using a
Fishing Report
October 6, 2014

Fall fishing, warm weather. The temps on Lake Champlain have dropped quickly the past couple weeks. Were sitting right around 60 degree's give or take depending on where you are on the lake. The Pike are a bit slow right now and not taking the aggressive high speed upper water column retrieves they did all summer long. We have fished Black Strike King double gold Colorado blades with stinger hooks for darker water and the white/blue white/red Willow/Colorado combo blades in clearer waters ALL year long and produce fish all the time. The double Colorado blades produce a nice vibration in murky waters and seems to produce allot more fish in those conditions.

Slow and steady, create strike reactions with the lure appears to producing well and drew in a nice large mouth bouncing a spinner bait off the bottom in about 10 feet of water in some submerged vegetation. The Pike came from the same type of area, even though it appeared all day most the big pike we were marking were deeper, we still managed to find a couple big boys hanging out in that great 10-15 foot marker. Nothing gets my heart going more than 30 plus inch Pike striking in view with clear water!

Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
1Northern PikeSpinnerbaitStrike King33
2Largemouth BassCrankbaitRapala
3Northern PikeLipless BaitKoppers LIVETARGET26
Fishing Report Provided by Sure Strike Charters - Brian Dunkling
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Fishing Report
August 15, 2014

The Lake Trout fishing has been outstanding here on Lake Champlain. Got a little rain and wind the othere day but didn't effect much. We should have great fishing for another month so give me a call to book you’re trip on one of the prettiest lakes in the north east . 1-802-324-2289 Captain Brian

Catch Report

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