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Frenchman (fresh water lake)

No ice on the lake yet and trout continue to be caught from shore.  Water temperature is 45 degrees. The dam and Turkey Point are productive spots. Wiggin’s Outpost  (530) 993-4683


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| Water Temp: 61-70 F | Clarity: Stained

Temperatures have cooled off, but fishing is still hot at Frenchman Lake. Briana Nickelson from Reno caught a 3.27 pound rainbow from the dam.
Bobby and John caught two 18" rainbows at Crystal Point with Power Bait. A couple reportedly caught a 2 pound German brown in the creek. Trollers are doing well with nightcrawlers and dodger flashers. Wiggin’s Outpost (530) 993-4683

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| Water Temp: 61-70 F | Clarity: Stained

Fall fishing is getting off to a great start. The weather is mild, the fall colors are everywhere and fishing is great at the lake. We had a report from a fly fisherman who was fishing at Big Cove. He says red Copper John’s and Pheasant Tails are working well. Frenchman campground will remain open until October 15th. Wiggin’s Outpost (530) 993-4683

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