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Fishing Report
May 16, 2014
First day for rockfishing. Even though the moon was very bright last night, the rockfish and ling cod were out and hungry. We had to work at getting limits of rockfish because we had a hard time getting through the ling cod. By 10:30 we had limits of lings for the passengers and the crew. 20 lings in all. I would say that we threw back close to that many too. We finally got limits of rockfish for the passengers and called it a day. A great day. The ocean was flat and the winds were calm and the temperature was about 60 plus when we left the dock at 7:15. Nice size rockfish and a good variety too. We fish south of the buoy about 2.5 miles in 60 ft of water. Picture from left to right; Greg Ybenez from Durham, Bob Rodduck from Lake County, Terry Wagers (with the big fish of the day-7 lb ling) from Lodi, senior deckhand Josh Schneider, Doug Spaulding from Pioneer, Mark Hoffmann from Volcano, and Bruce Goddard from Mendocino. And in the background is Andrew “Peaches” Crawford from right here in Fort Bragg. Fish-On!!
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