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The Cowlitz is beginning to see more steelies being taken with the water level falling below 10000 cfs to 6600cfs for the last few days. Expect the water levels to rise slightly over the week due to power consumption. Leverls should remain lower than in the past few weeks.

 There have been several reports of fly rod fish being caught in the area below Blue Creek boat launch using tube flies. T8 sinkng tips will work at theselevels and be very effiecient in taking steelhead.


 The hinkley flat area has been good also reporting numerous fly rod steelhead being caught by anglers. Many anglers here like a Black and Blue Tube fly.

 Indicator fly fishing can also be very good here and in many other areas. Good patterns to use include the BH lifters and BH Stone fly patterns.

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 The river is green at Blue Creek boat launch and fishable. The current level is 10900 cfs and on the high side. We recommend you use larger flies with a heavy sinking tips in the T14-17 size. Some of the flies recommended are the Hoh Bo Spey, Intruders and Moal leeches. Other good patterns include the Oregon State Tube Fly but with a new hitch which includes running 2 - 3 tube flies stacked on your leader. This makes your Oregon staters like a MOAL Leech pattern just lighter.

 There have been reports of numerous hook ups on winter runs this winter with only a moderate number of fly anglers trying there luck with success. As I have said in the past you must put in your time or stay at home. Cut bait as the bait guys say or go home. Notoriously the weekend after the super bowl seems to motivate the couch potatos from their hybernation in January. Needless to say we are a Seahawks fan also.
 GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!

 Nymph fly fishing works extremely well during the winter months for Cowlitz river steelhead. Good patterns in clude the BH Lifter, Pass Nymphs, BH Stone Flys, Comets, Bosses, Large Prince Nymphs, Glo Bugs.

 The Skookumchuck and Newaukuam rivers have been doing well just North of Chehalis/Centralia. The area at the mouth of the Skookumchuck near Borst Park has a boat launch and has fish there now.

 The area below the hatchery and dam on the Skookumchuck are favorite areas during the winter season and is easily fly fished from the opposing side of the river due to a bridge below the hatchery. February and March are peak times for nymph steelheading using BH Lifters and Glo Bugs.

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