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Fishing Report Provided by Muddy Creek Fishing Guides - Todd Young
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Fishing Report
July 6, 2014
Finally after a very long winter Musky season finally opened up on June 21 in NY. In the first couple weeks we saw a wide range of weather. All in all a good start to the season. Southern basin is on schedule for the time of year. Water is brown and stained with some algae weeds are at normal levels and the choppers are already running at full force in the south. Northern basin has extremely clear water and the weeds are way behind for the time of year. We got fish casting and trolling both basins. Wiley Fat Bodies, Baker Shads, Banana Cu-Cu Lures, Wiley Killers, Boss Shads and Wiley King Juniors all caught numerous fish for my clients. Colors were all over the place also but Brown Perch and Fire Tiger seemed to be constant producers. Casting Soft Tail Raptors in Three Mile Perch got us lots of action in the weed beds. Heard reports from many that the Raptor Jerkbaits and Stinger Glidebaits were really producing The FatAZmusky products are really taking off.
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