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Fishing Report Provided by Fired Up Fishing Charters - Chris Cameron
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| Water Temp:61-70 F | Clarity: Clear
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Fishing Report
January 26, 2015

Fishing has continued to be as good as it gets! We have gotten so many phone calls lately where the customers ask, I know its winter and I’m sure fishing is slow, but can we go and do something? LOL I tell them it’s Florida not NY our winters are still warm and the water is the same. Obviously the weather is the only issue that we normally deal with more so now then during the summer. Winter has the winds and summer has the afternoon lightning storms (always fun, NOT). Check out some of these fish, Wahoo, black fin tuna, king mackerel, sailfish and mahi. When it’s not blowing you have to get out there and take advantage of this. Not sure if you have ever seen offshore pogie pods but they have been plentiful as well. Giant pogies in massive balls with every species of fish crashing in on it and birds diving down. National geographic at its best and its right here off our coastline. Fish have been anywhere from 50 feet of water to 100 feet. Wish I could tell you more but it has been changing daily. Good places to start are again, your local reefs, from Ponce to Sebastian. Hope you all can take advantage of the awesome fishing. Good Luck!!!

This report has been brought to you by Captain Chris Cameron of Fired Up Fishing Charters, your premier fishing guide charter of shark fishing Cocoa Beach, offshore fishing Port Canaveral, near shore fishing Cape Canaveral, Orlando charter fishing and split fishing trips.

Catch Report
CatchSpeciesLure/BaitBrandWeight (lb)Length (inches)
4Blackfin Tuna
6King Mackerel
Fishing Report Provided by Fired Up Fishing Charters - Chris Cameron
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| Water Temp:61-70 F | Clarity: Muddy
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Fishing Report
January 15, 2015

Shark fishing in Cocoa beach has been on fire lately. Talk about a lot of fun too. When it’s blowing 20+ as it has for days and days lately, your only chance to get out to do anything is sharkin.  The winds are definitely a major factor. If its 20 from the east, no go. You gotta have some west to it.

Many ask, what direction does a west wind mean? When the wind blows FROM the west, this means the wind is blowing to the east.  When they say it’s an east wind that means it blowing out or FROM the east and to the west. SO with all that said if the wind is blowing west over the land before it hits the coast, the beach will most likely be flat and perfect for beach fishing. I know there still may be small craft and 6x6, bla bla bla, but that’s for farther out. (Explaining this to the charter from the mid west takes a few minutes because they see small craft cautions and think I’m trying to take them to get demonized, sick, lol)

Where to go for sharks is basically anywhere along the beach, from 8-30 feet of water. Yes there are a few better spots than others but for the most part, pick an area, try it and move if no bites in the first 30 min.

I don’t specifically target any species of shark. The only sharks I do target are ones that are large and bend the rod and keep the customers happy! Bait of choice is frsh bonita and any other fish scraps you have.  Anchor up and wait. 

Heres a few sharks from the last few trips from Cocoa Beach Shark Fishing.  If your looking for a good time and want to catch a few of these monsters look us up. www.sharkfishingcocoabeach.com  407-222-3573

Good luck


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