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Fishing Report Provided by St. Peter's Fly Shop - Jin Choi
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Fishing Report
December 8, 2014

Last Update: 12/8/2014. We will update these reports as often as necessary to keep our fellow anglers in tune with changes.

Current Streamflow :  25 cfs  below Lake Estes,  ICE cfs above Lake Estes, ICE cfs near canyon mouth at Drake, N/A cfs at Moraine Park

Big Thompson Fishing Report:

 Flows below Lake Estes have been consistent and fish have been actively eating. The fish are keying in on smaller more technical patterns like BWO's and midges. They are also definitely looking up and eating small dry flies on the surface ( Para-Wulff, Sprout Midges, Go2 Prince, San Juans, Copper Rib RS2, ect...). Above Drake will still be the best option for consistent fishing. Smaller streamers, stripped slowly has been getting attention from the aggresive browns. Also don't forget the sow bugs, these are another great food source for these fish. Like the Poudre, some bigger, brighter options should be a good bet and also will serve as great sources of natural weight on your rigs. Get out and enjoy some tailwater fishing!


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Recommended Flies for the Big Thompson River ::

Dries:  Extended Body BWO's #20-22, CDC BWO #18-22, BWO Silhouette Dun #20, Sprout BWO #18-20, Film Critic BWO #18, Split Flag BWO #16-18 Eric's Midge #20-22, Shucking Midge #20-22, Sprout Midge #20-24

Nymphs::  Ray Charles #16-18, Spicy Scud #14-16, Flashback Pheasant Tail #16-20, Rainbow Warrior #18-20, Poison Tung #18-20, Desert Storm #22-24, Soft Hackle Emergers #18-20, Juju Midge(all colors) #18-22, Split Foam Back #18-20, Greg Emerger #18-20, Juju Baetis #18-22, RS2 #20-24, Micro Mayfly #18-22,  Epoxy Back Stones #12-16, Hot Wire Prince #16-18, 20 inchers #14-18, Red Sparkle Worms, Cannon's Worm #10, Orange and Pink Micro Eggs, Sparkle Wing RS2 #18-20 

Streamers: A couple of good flies to try would be Tung Thin Mint #6-10, Dude Friendly #8, and Vanilla Buggar #6-8.

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